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Zecurion Offers Solutions For Large, Global Enterprises

Enterprise Solutions

Zecurion’s platform, data loss prevention solutions, and unique encryption technologies were originally developed to meet the requirements of large Russian and foreign companies. Zecurion’s software and administration tools are flexible enough to respond to continually changing business requirements, including the reengineering of business processes, new regulatory pressures, and other challenges IT groups face. Because our software has been designed to complement current platforms, such as Microsoft Exchange and Office, it is easy to deploy, manage, upgrade and maintain. Our software-as-a-service approach supports all forms of environments, including cloud and hybrid “ecosystems.”


Zgate is the most comprehensive Data Loss Prevention (DLP) product available, enabling companies to monitor all forms of outbound network traffic and online communications.


Zecurion Zlock is designed to protect against leaks of confidential information at the end-points of the network.


Zecurion Zserver is designed to securely protect the data stored on servers and on backup media.


Zecurion Zdiscovery scans all stored data across corporate networks, reveals inappropriately stored confidential information and determines violations of security policies.