Archiving - More Than a Chore

The extreme growth of unstructured data is one of the most important challenges which companies have to face within the next years. Simply expanding primary storage will no longer solve this problem because of economic and technical reasons. Based on the fact that most of the unstructured data is inactive (“cold data”) companies are looking increasingly for solutions to solve this dilemma.

The solution is to archive data to suitable secondary storage systems designed for long-term data preservation and archiving. “PoINT Storage Manager – Archive Edition” provides an easy to install and intuitive to use software for automatic policy-based migration of cold data and data to be archived from primary to secondary storage.

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HSM with Hard Disk, Tape and Optical (Hierarchical Storage Management)

The PoINT Storage Manager - the Archive Edition realizes a transparent displacement of files for EMC VNX, NetApp FAS and Windows NTFS based storage systems as primary storage.

Rule-based file archiving

As part of the implemented HSM architecture and the associated displacement of data from primary storage, PoINT Storage Manager - Archive Edition offers rule-based long-term archiving (file archiving) in a secondary storage.

Compliance with retention management

Retention Management enables targeted and timely protection of archived files against manipulation, modification or deletion.


PoINT Storage Manager - Archive Edition supports the replication of archive data, whereby the replication memory used for this purpose can be in the same configuration or external.

Off-line Media Management

The PoINT Storage Manager - Archive Edition has an off-line data management system for the management of removable media such as tape and optical.

Data Protection and Security

Encryption is a feature of PoINT Storage Manager - Archive Edition that prevents unauthorized access to archive data. Enabling this feature in the Archive Tier of a storage vault encrypts all data it contains.

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