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Are You Protecting Your Data?

The entire global market is changing for the better with technological and digital disruption in almost every sphere of life. On the flip side, it is also helping cyber attackers have a field day with multiple new avenues opening up for gaining access to business-critical data of organizations. They also face loss of data internally – from within.

Your Security Could Be Compromised By Someone You Trust !!

An insider threat happens when someone who is close to an organization, and who has authorized access, misuses that access to negatively impact the organization’s critical information or systems.

Recognizing Internal Threats Is The First Step

Negligent insiders

Naive or employee (social engineering)

Saboteur (personal reasons)

Disloyal employee

About-to-exit employee

Corporate spy

Former employee (revenge taking)


Zecurion’s DLP System Manages Complexity Making it simple to use for small to large enterprises.

Regulatory Compliance

Support & Training

Simplicity of Acquisition and Implementation


Price Sensitive

No Restriction On Endpoints that can be Secured

Modular Architecture that Provides Reliability, Scalability and can also be Adapted to Meet Complex Deployment Scenarios

Single Management Console with Graphical Reporting

Get More DLP For Less Price

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