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An all-in-one package offering modern and flexible IT monitoring, replacing the need for multiple, difficult-to-integrate, and more costly monitoring systems.

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Pandora FMS enables your business technology to be more efficient, cost-effective and without upsets. Avoid repeats of incidents by retrieving data on the critical elements of your business. Pandora FMS is a monitoring suite that collects information on:




Business processes

Pandora FMS covers all your monitoring needs with a single piece of software


From hardware to operating system, low level monitoring and endless features based on our exclusive agent technology.


High-end monitoring for complex environments: autodiscovery, high-speed headless probes, web transactions and classic SNMP monitoring.


Business Activity Monitoring: integrate your business operation in realtime monitoring.


Oracle, Exchange, VMware, MySQL, WebLogic, DB2, SAP: We have plugins for all your needs.

See What Our Customers Say

"We evaluated both Open Source and commercial products. We concluded that the TCO, including the Pandora FMS license, was the best option. We have saved 40% with respect to our previous supplier". / Sr. Yoshinori
Nemoto. Head of Group Operations and Infrastructure Development, Rakuten.

“Operational load reduction: thanks to Pandora FMS, we’ve reduced our IT operational load by 24%”. / José Luis Santamaría. Salvesen Logística.

“Pandora FMS has allowed us to save costs compared to other similar solutions”. / Ignacio Uría Echevarría. Technological & Infrastructure Projects Manager, EMT.

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