User Logon Security For Windows Active Directory

Powerful protection for all Windows Active Directory domain logins, even when credentials are compromised. UserLock helps administrators to manage and secure access for every user, without obstructing employees or frustrating IT.

Security Starts With The Logon

It only takes a careless employee to share a password or leave a workstation unattended. Even the most careful employee can be exploited and the victim of stolen credentials. UserLock allows IT teams to extend logon security far beyond group policies and native Windows Active Directory.

The Complete Security Solution for Active Directory Domain Logons

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Control and Protect

Set restrictions using the contextual information around a user's logon, to help verify all user's claimed identity, and authorize, deny or limit network access. Restrict by:

  • Origin: Computer (Windows & Mac), device & location restrictions (IP address, department, organizational unit)
  • Time: Logon hour restrictions, maximum session length & session time quota
  • Session type: Workstation, terminal, Wi-Fi, VPN and IIS sessions
  • Simultaneous connections: Limit concurrent logins and initial access points
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Detect & Respond

Real-time monitoring and risk detection tools immediately alert on suspicious logon activity so you can take action quickly.

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Audit & Report

A centralized audit on all network logon events provides detailed reports to track down security threats, support forensics and prove regulatory compliance.