Storware KODO

KODO is the cutting edge endpoint management platform that unifies backup, file sharing & synchronization, protection and compliance functionalities in one product

How it works

Data protection

Storware KODO is a next generation of enterprise data protection software for Windows/OS X and mobile platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone).
The robust protection, it provides, is fundamental both to IT admins and business users. KODO fights against thefts, malware attacks (incl. ransomware) or human errors.

  • Enterprise engine (+1000 users)
  • File versioning
  • Continuous data protection
  • Space saver – deduplication
  • E-mail protection (Lotus Notes, Outlook, etc.)
  • Roam Aware function for mobiles

Empower Your workforce

Roam Aware function for mobiles Empower Your workforce KODO is a very practical tool which gives you the access to the bunch of platforms where your data are stored. It empowers management and employees to access the demanded data quickly, improving the decision making and productivity.

  • Secure file sharing via link
  • Online access to different device data sets
  • Data and device migration
  • Corporate book


We are in alliance with companies like Samsung, IBM or Fancyfon for whom the security is the highest priority. It focuses on employee, systems, devices and data safety. KODO fits in that trend delivering different layers of security, including variety of administration roles.

  • Data encryption
  • SSL/TLS connection encryption
  • Device geo-location
  • Wipeout lost device
  • Audit logs

Simplified IT

Managing IT infrastructure of the company is never easy. Nethertheless KODO could be IT department’s best friend. System simplifies the implementation, user and data management as well as processes such as restoring the crucial data or fleet migration. KODO and its open API allows to integrate with MDM platforms, asset management or helpdesk ticketing systems.

  • Active Directory integration
  • “User transparent” or magic link deployment
  • MDM system integration
  • Different backup policies
  • Easy restore
  • Ready for ticket system integration