Dataguard PayGo Service

Why Pay-Go?

Pay-as-you-go is an installment strategy that charges dependent on use. The training is like that of service charges, utilizing just assets that are required. The basic disadvantage of a customer in the current pricing is the trouble in anticipating continuous software costs. But with Dataguard Pay-Go a company just required to pay for the genuine volume of assets expended, instead of paying a level rate for a heap of administrations that they may not completely utilized. One main advantage of Dataguard Pay-Go billing is, there are no wasted assets, since client pay for administrations acquired on a monthly basis, as opposed to provisioning for a specific measure of assets that could possibly not used.

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Join with world class vendor

Every client deserves a strategic relationship. We maintain a few standers in our behavior.

Critical thinking introduction: A great seller puts resources into learning the client's business drivers and difficulties. We are here for solving the problems at any time.

Value optimization: We delivers robust product functionality, excellent service and world-class price.

Trust: We shows the willingness to discuss difficult issues.

Be your customer's Mentor

In today's world, sometimes it’s hard to penetrate your target companies, it can be even harder to find the right person to talk to once you’re in. So, become a professional resource and sounding board for someone who is just starting out. In short, become their mentor.

Offer Free support Round the clock

We manage support across the globe by configuring location-specific business hours and ensure that customer queries are resolved on time.

Cross Sell and Bundle Solutions

Sales can soar when companies bundle products together into one cheaper package. These groupings are often successful only if the consumer is given the option of buying the same products separately. And that's what our highlight is. We provide products according to customer needs.

We provide:

Email Security

Providing real-time threat protection spam and phishing detection, advanced multi-layer anti-virus, and email archiving. Users receive comprehensive protection against unwanted and malicious email.


Backup any virtual, physical, and cloud environment, and lets you quickly realize incremental revenues with zero upfront costs and a pay-as-you-go business model.

Endpoint Security

Delivers layered next-gen security that consistently ranks first in independent tests. It leverages a single management platform to reduce the cost of building a trusted environment for all endpoints.

Scale, Extend or Remove Anytime

We accept fair and reasonable terms even when they don’t fit our sales model. As we always prefer a strategic relationship. Customer satisfaction is our priority.