Dataresolve Indefend

InDefend Business solution provides monitoring of agent activities via different channels.

InDefend Business Administration Console

InDefend Business is an application that helps you achieve full control over all the PC’s by minimizing possibility of data theft across the enterprise network while maintaining relevant data access through device and network access control, simultaneously blocking all kinds of unauthorized removable media devices, websites, and applications like chat and VoIP that can lead to data loss. It pro-actively reviews and evaluates your organization's data to ensure quality that fit to purpose. This application helps you to measure and track the data using dashboard, alerts and reports.


Analytics on inDefend dashboard provides you a summarized view of various users activities performed within the organization. Each activity section shows a statistical and graphical view of the user's activity. Each section has a PDF button which enables you to generate a PDF report consist of the detailed list of users activity.


The incident is an exception that interrupts or reduces the quality of a service. This section of InDefend Business Administrator Console provides you extensive details of user activities within your organization.

Live Alerts

Live alerts allow you to be proactive in your productivity efforts. It is a powerful feature as you receive actionable information at the moment when any sensitive activity takes place. Live alerts send you to live notification of important email activities.

Policy Configuration

Policy Configuration allows you to apply various policies to control and manage the quality in an effective manner. Various policies options are available in inDefend Business Administration. You can also modify the policies once applied, as per organization requirement.