DataResolve InDefend Data Loss Prevention

inDefend is built to achieve full transparency over all the computers of the organization by maintaining relevant data and network control

Ability to Monitor each computer terminal in stealth mode using minimal memory usage and advanced analytics performed in a dedicated server capable of handling 3000-4000 users real-time. Advanced in-built device control capabilities to enforce encrypted data protection on lost or stolen devices including removable media.

Key Features - InDefend DLP

Fraud Prevention

NXPowerLite for File Servers Image

By Monitoring and Analyzing patterns of User Behavior using parameterized red flag patterns and content monitoring.

Data Leakage Protection

By Monitoring and Blocking all modes of leakage of data by content; including emails, uploads and removable media.

Productivity and Operational Efficiency

By Monitoring screen-time and activity on each of the applications and usage of each application.

Screen-shots and File Scan

Each local computer terminal could be screenshotted based on customizable time intervals and images could be saved or scanned for content. Files stored in local computer terminal could be scanned for content, copied to a remote server based on customizable time intervals.

Advanced Features

*CXO level dashboard

*Chatbot Integration

*Content filter blocking and mail quarantining for Secure Email Gateway

*Removable Media Encryption

*Secure Printer Gateway

*Integrated dashboard for DLP, UBA and MDM Secure Printer Gateway

*Historical reporting (forensic scanner)