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Topic : Insider Threat Management with Employee Monitoring Using InDefend

May 20th , Monday 2019 , 2 PM UAE ( GMT + 4 )

Learn to combat the wave of insider threat ! Monitor employee behaviour & productivity , Protect data leak channels and control sensitive activities with this DLP with employee monitoring solution.

Topic : Employee Activity Monitoring using Veriato Recon & Veriato 360

August 2nd, Thursday 2018 , 10 AM UAE(GMT+4)

Should we be worried about the fact that 60% of cyber attacks are carried out by insiders. Let's dive into how Veriato can help you with that.

Discussed Products

Veriato 360 - a user activity monitoring solution enabling companies to retain, review, report and alert on employee activity. Used for monitoring higher risk employees, and for incident response, it provides visibility and contextual information

Veriato Recon - a user behavior analytics solution. The software detects and alerts on anomalies related to insider threat behaviors. It also enables review of online activity of employees during the high risk exit period.

Topic : Insider Threat Management Using Zecurion DLP

June 10th, Sunday 2018 , 2 PM UAE(GMT+4)

Are we overlooking the threat that arises from inside the organization. Let us understand why internal threats are very much real. They are the “silent raider” that compromise data security within our organization.

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