Making an online file compression tool has been an ambition of ours for years. It’s the perfect mix of simplicity and convenience to introduce people to NXPowerLite compression, and we know that the more people use NXPowerLite, the more they love it!

But WeCompress isn’t only about getting our technology in more people’s hands, it also helps us hugely in getting to know our users. It gives us the incredibly valuable information that up to now has been impossible to see. Before WeCompress, we relied on talking to our customers individually (something we pride ourselves on) to get information on how NXPowerLite performs out in the wild. Consider our desktop tool; once it’s installed we depend on users contacting us about bugs, we only hear about a small percentage of problems, and see even fewer details on the files that fail. Not only does WeCompress extend our ability to gather information outside our existing user base, but it also provides us with phenomenal amount of useful data and files to investigate! We’re using this feedback to help fix bugs and add features more quickly than we ever have before, helping make all our products better. Here’s a quick example of the kind data that we’ve been unable to get until now:

This chart shows our compression performance across all submitted files, not just the successful ones – something we’ve only been able to guess at up to now.

All Neuxpower’s products are built on the incredible NXPowerLite file compression engine which we’re constantly improving. WeCompress gives us the perfect platform to give our new releases to first as it gets used by thousands of customers straight away. A great example of this is the addition of PNG compression to WeCompress, which is currently our only product with this feature enabled. This gives real users with a wide range of files the ability to reduce PNG images, and lets us quickly gather the information and confidence needed to roll it out to all our products. We can gauge the impact of our improvements first on WeCompress so when we release upgrades for our other products, users are able to make decisions based on real world data.

As for the files we’re receiving from WeCompress, we’ve got more than we know what to do with! We made privacy a priority when collecting underperforming files for investigation using Wecompress. Only after a file hasn’t reduced as expected, will users be offered the option to submit it to us for investigation with the option to add your email address for a follow up after we’ve looked into it. Before permission is given, the file cannot be viewed by anyone (not even us) and gets automatically deleted from our system. We look at every file that users submit and respond to each user who requests a follow up. So WeCompress users are helping us uncover new improvements faster than ever before!

We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of insights from WeCompress, our hope is that it will help us make products even more suited to our current and future users. We’ve opened up NXPowerLite compression to anyone with an internet connection, we’re hoping the internet will get as much value out of it as we do


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