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Enterprise Security in One Framework for Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response (ESOF VMDR) is a software application designed to address future risks and vulnerabilities, emerging unknowingly in the age of zero trust.

Accommodating the risks associated with five major segments of an IT landscape, namely, Application, Infrastructure, People, Incidents, and Government Risk and Compliance, the ESOF VMDR platform allows IT security teams to gain long-sighted visibility into the overall security posture of a business all under a single space, giving a comprehensive view of risks and vulnerabilities posed to the complete IT stack.

The modern architecture of ESOF VMDR has been revamped in a way to expedite the remediation and mitigation processes before carefully discovering, vigorously assessing, and effectively prioritizing the risks based on their severity index, thus facilitating vulnerability management at its best.

A survey conducted by TAC Security among a stack of security leaders and IT administrators projects that despite using the latest software for managing cyber vulnerabilities and risks, they rely on documented digital risk reports to recognize their severity and then take actions against them accordingly.

Lack of cumulative data over asset security and related risks must be presented in a form that is easy to understand to orchestrate the processes of vulnerability management and to transfer valuable insights into safeguarding the security network and reducing the attack surface. 

(ESOF VMDR Explore offers an intelligible data form of scanned vulnerabilities represented through a dashboard that helps teams to react on it wisely and decisively.)

With a lot of updates and advancements made in ESOF, ESOF VMDR is transformed to effectively manage your network vulnerabilities to eliminate the risks, allowing your IT Security leaders to manage and maintain all your digital assets from one space and update all teams collectively.

ESOF VMDR Explore is an add-on feature embedded in the software to allow the IT teams to gain strategic decision support on identifying and assessing vulnerabilities associated with business assets, scanned throughout the global business IT infrastructure.

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