How a Small Business Backup their Data?

Data backup is critical for ensuring the survival of your company. Your business data is lost or stolen if your only backup is on a single desktop/laptop computer or mobile device. And having paper copies of corporate data isn’t enough data protection; what if your office burns down or floods? Once more, the information you’ll need to keep on your person

Loss of Data

There are 100 ways of losing your Data.

*Your data may be unrecoverable if your desktop or laptop hard disk crashes, or if your mobile device is damaged.
*Business break-ins are widespread, and according to FBI statistics, 97 percent of stolen laptops and PCs are never found.
*Data can be deleted by accident (or deliberately deleted by a disgruntled employee)
*Malware can take over your machine.
*A ransomware attack could make your files inaccessible unless you pay a large sum of money.

A Data Backup is Must

You must set up a data backup system that follows these three steps for adequate data protection:

*Backup your business data on a regular basis.
*Backups should be made on dependable media or on the cloud.
*Keep backup media in a secure, off-site place if you’re utilizing it for backups.
*The basic rule for protecting company data is to back it up if losing it would make doing business impossible.
*Although desktop software programs can be reinstalled if necessary, recovering transaction or business correspondence details is impossible if the data have been deleted or destroyed beyond repair.

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