Emsisoft Business Security vs Other AntiVirus Solutions

Emsisoft Business Security vs Other AntiVirus Solutions

Centrally managed cyber-security for your office workstations, servers and remote workers

  1. EMSISOFT Business Security V/S Symantec Endpoint Protection

a) Emsisoft Business Security
-Does not slow down the computer and the impact are minimal with lightweight footprint on RAM
-Dashboard is easy to understand giving all vital information about the status of network and its devices with control over it
-Dual-engine scanner With Bitdefender signatures with File, Web and Behaviour protection
-Network lockdown is a unique feature in EMSISOFT (it can block your entire network to Internet from central console itself to prevent a widespread in case of an attack)
-It has a centralized web console that hosted in cloud with fastest updates. —Users can be set as super user with selected permissions Relay Traffic management feature will save the data by distributing the updated data to other Emsisoft installed devices and can install remotely
-Its build with very effective prevention to Malware.
-EMSISOFT have highest score in RANSOMWARE testing Emergency Kit Pro [For infected environments] Command Line Scanner which can automate and create workflow
-Top notch and 24/7 Support

b) Symantec Endpoint Protection – Small Business

– Makes your system slower than usual even though scans are not being run in background, it will slow your system.
-Easy and intuitive dashboard and giving the current status of network with all necessary information
-Single engine scanner with multi layered protection
-No such feature is available Has a central control panel and can be via managed on-premises or through the cloud an online portal
– A single administrator has the capability to set policies for devices and users
-Relay traffic setting is not available but agent can be installed remotely -Malwares are strictly and actively blocked Vulnerable to ransomware attacks
– Doesn’t have any such feature No Such Feature available.
-Limited Support


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