Deliberate or not, Insider threats are real.

Yeah, Insider threats are the most exciting disease incorporate market now, after Ransomware. What you lose after a Ransomware attack is your Data is minimal or you have taken the steps to survive. What if your employee takes your whole business, that you build year after year?

Yes, Data is in the spotlight again.

Insider threat management cannot be defined as common employee monitoring as the definitions of data classification is already changed.

What is insider threat?

Insider threats can be a malicious or decent threat to any business that raised within, who have inside information about the organization, data, and other systems. We are not only referring to Employee here. It can be Ex-Employees, Associates, Contractors even a spy 😊 can take your business

Insider, External – It’s too complicated?

Is it too complicated to read and think? Consider the real world, people are always trying to become like you. You have enemies in the form of competitors. They can take any face. You must be having enough measures against external attacks. Firewall, WAF, Endpoint Security, Gateway Security and many things. According to studies, a 100-user company spends more than $200k for Data Security in a year, that means external attacks are well defined and people talk about it. Newspapers, Magazines, Ads etc. are there for external attacks.

Who is realizing the cost of Insider threat?

Insider threat is killing unsecured businesses, but no one is aware of it. SMB Companies are not ready to spend even a penny even though they are in threat. Every business should have some clear data security strategies for insider threat too. Don’t ever think that you are safe just because you are not attacked.

How we can help to build strategies?

With the help of Insider Threat Management Solutions like DataResolve Indefend, we can create policies based on business natures. In order to fight against insider threats, you must realize below points.

  • Check Insider’s Background well.
  • Regulate Number of Privileged users (Don’t make everyone the “BOSS”)
  • Manage and Monitor User Access towards critical Data.
  • Monitor user actions.
  • And many more techniques

Let us know how we can help you to fight against business losses.

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