Dataguard MEA to distribute Axcient MSP in Middle East and Africa

Dataguard MEA, based in Dubai announced distribution partnership with Axcient, a leader in business availability and cloud migration solutions

We will be able to expand our reach and access to new market prospects thanks to our new relationship with Dataguard MEA. We are enabling channel partners to optimize their technology stacks and establish robust recurring revenue solutions by adding our secure and most trusted technology to Dataguard MEA’s platform.

About Axcient
Axcient is an award-winning leader in business availability and cloud migration solutions for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). The Axcient Business Availability suite—which includes Replibit, BRC, CloudFinder, Anchor, Fusion, and the Axcient —enables MSPs to build secure technology stacks for their customers. Trusted by MSPs worldwide, Axcient protects businesses data and continuity in the event of security breaches, human error and natural disasters. For more information, visit Axcient

Every day, attackers target more and more businesses. In fact, every 12-seconds, a successful ransomware attack happens. After being hacked, the attacker’s most typical next move is to encrypt your data and remove your backups. Because phishing and ransomware are so successful, your security solution isn’t enough — as a last resort, you’ll need a business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

Axcient x360Recover is the most cost-effective BCDR solution for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and the SMBs they serve. Data protection and business continuity should not be out of reach for any business, and Axcient’s mission is to Keep Business Running. Easy to manage, x360Recover boasts Chain-Free, AutoVerify, and PSA/RMM integration. These three technologies mean there is no chain management, data is checked for corruption before backup, and ticketing and billing processes can be fully automated. Additionally, x360Recover has AirGap to protect backups in case of ransomware.

Critical capabilities of x360Recover include:

  • RPO of 15-minutes and RTO of less than 1-hour
  • Chain-Free dramatically reduces the overhead of managing chain-based backups
  • Appliance-free BCDR and endpoint protection with our innovative Direct-to-Cloud
  • Self-manage disaster recovery and virtualization with Virtual Office for significantly faster RTO and RPO
  • AirGap protects your backups against attackers and ransomware
  • AutoVerify checks for data corruption before backing up
  • PSA and RMM integration to automate ticketing and billing processes
  • Unlimited storage and retention
  • The choice to bring your own device (BYOD) or use your data center

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