Dataguard MEA expanding to West African Countries with Dedicated Office in Nigeria.

Cloud Backup Nigeria

Dataguard MEA – Leading Cloud Provider and Aggregator for MSPs announces expansion to West African Countries with dedicated offices in Lagos and Nigeria.

Gafoor Mohamed, Sales Head, Dataguard MEA, said, ” We have been working with many partners in Nigeria by assisting them remotely. As Dataguard MEA is known for its support for Partners, we decided to dedicate an office in Abuja and Lagos. Now we can operate for Entire West African countries like Ghana, Cameroon, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Senegal, etc.
We feel its high time to introduce Cloud Technologies in these regions.

Victor Egbe, Director of Dataguard Nigeria, added, “We will be having many new partners on board with us for having easy selling solution with high qualified support onsite and remote, We are having excellent offerings like White Label Support for free, where new partners can make a virtual team”.

Products We offer with MSP model are below :

Vircom Modus Cloud

Advanced Threat Protection includes Phishing Protection, URL Defense, Attachment Defense, Quarantine Report

Email DLP Block data loss and comply with regulations, while also protecting users by preventing certain inadvertent data
disclosures or breaches
Email Archiving with unlimited storage, company-wide index and search

End to end email security for Office 365, google mails, MS Exchange or 3rd party mails

Email continuity with Spooling & Failover, Emergency Inbox, Instant Replay

Enforces Encryption policy for sensitive emails

Acronis Cyber Cloud

Fast, Powerful and secure Hybrid software solution to meet daily data protection and disaster recovery needs of customers who needs it easy and efficient. Well suited for both SMBs and Enterprise customers. It supports Windows, Linux, Mac, All Virtual platforms, MS SQL, Exchange, AD, Oracle, SAP HANA, SQL/Exchange Cluster backup & DR to Local Storage (Disks, NAS, SAN) and Cloud Storage (Acronis DC, Azure, AWS).  Customer can also backup O365 & GSuite Mailbox, One Drive/Google Drive and SharePoint Online. AI based ransomware protection proactively blocks malicious activities with live alerts and data revert options. Bare metal restoration to dissimilar hardware, Instant run as VM directly from storage, cross-platform migration (p2p, p2v, v2p, v2v), AES 256 encryption, 2 factor authentication, resource/network throttling, built in compression and source deduplication are its unique features. Disaster Recovery provides both cloud and local recovery: Instant offsite failover to Acronis cloud recovery site or onsite recovery with Acronis instant restore (Run as VM). Disaster Recovery orchestration with runbooks, Easy extension of the local network to cloud recovery site, Automated testing of DR, multiple points in time recovery is its great features.

Carbonite Double Take Availability

Proven High Availability and Disaster Recovery for Windows and Linux Servers.

Real-time byte level asynchronous replication solution with Automatic/Manual failover and failback of Physical/Virtual and Cloud based systems.

Hardware/Platform independent solution offers near Zero RPO and RTO Data Encryption between Source and Target, Three tiers of data Compression, Server heartbeat monitoring, bandwidth Throttling, Easy Failover/Failback testing for compliance regulations.

Storware KODO

On-Premise backup of endpoints with deduplication, compression, Encryption (in transfer and at rest), Versioning

Self Service Portal for user easy restoration

Continuous backup technology enables protection of each files with its changes (business continuity)

Scalable solution based on IBM Spectrum protect engine Recommended for enterprise customers

Veriato   Employee Monitoring

Monitors and Analyses all user activity at endpoint.

Continuously monitors every endpoint and server and builds a digital fingerprint for each user and group., When there are

anomalies, pattern variations or significant variations from the established baselines, an alert is triggered so that the

investigation and remediation can begin immediately, often before real damage is done.

Time Capsule DVR gives an immediate playback of user’s onscreen actions.

Tracks activities on local, removable, and cloud storage, as well as print operations. See when files are created, edited, deleted or renamed. Tracks web activity, compromised credentials, Email activity,  Chat & IM activity, psycholinguistics, network activity, keystrokes logging, Application activity, Geolocation, user status, Dark web tracking

Along with this, we offer many solutions for Data management and Security Products. IT companies from Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Senegal, Liberia etc can avail these packages. \


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