Benefits of Cloud Backup

There are numerous benefit of having a proper cloud backup solution.

According to studies, Data protection is a nightmare for SMBs. more than 70% of business decided to backup their data using Local Storages, having no plans to use Cloud.

Lets go through some important benefits of having Cloud Storag

1.Usability , Accessibility and Affordable.
Accessing cloud storage during a Disaster is easy when compared to local networks. You can access Data from anywhere with modern consoles provided by advanced Backup providers. Backup to cloud is always automatic as well. Cloud Storage grows as your company grows and it considered as Opex model.

2. Cloud backup reduces downtime.
Downtime, no matter what the cause, can break a business. Going for days without access to key files not only leads to slowing or even stoppage to business, impacting productivity in a huge way, it can also lead to a business’s reputation taking a hit among current and potential customers.

3. Collaboration
Online cloud storage is also an ideal platform for collaboration purposes. A cloud environment enables multiple people to access, edit and collaborate on a single file or document. People can access the cloud environment from anywhere in the world and collaborate in real-time.

4. Convenience
The amount of convenience and peace of mind offered by cloud storage system is amazing! Even if you store data on transportable devices like external hard drives or flash drives, some kind of manual intervention and physical handling is required. The data that is stored in a cloud is backed up online and it can be accessed from anywhere. Information is automatically saved as it streams in. There is no need for you to save, label or track information. The convenience of online cloud storage enables you to completely concentrate on your work without getting stressed about data loss.

As experts handling Backup and Disaster Recovery services in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Kenya and Nigeria. We always recommend to keep offsite and onsite copies for a Shutter Proof DR and Backup.

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