Acronis Backup Distributor and Cloud Aggregator in UAE and Oman

Acronis Backup Distributor and Cloud Aggregator in UAE and Oman

Acronis is a leading backup software, disaster recovery, and secure data access provider to consumers, small-medium businesses, and enterprises. Acronis solutions include physical, virtual, and cloud server backup software, storage management, secure file sharing, and system deployment. Dataguard MEA provides excellent support and services for Acronis as a Backup Distributor and Provider in UAE, Oman and Bahrain.

Introduction to Acronis

Acronis offers multiple backup products, including Acronis Backup for Microsoft Windows and Acronis Backup for Linux. Acronis’ backup solution allows you to recover important files that you can’t afford to lose in the event of a natural disaster, malicious attack, or human error. Acronis Backup for Windows delivers robust backup and recovery options that will help you ensure access to critical applications, data and your personal files. The company’s Acronis Backup for Mac features full-featured backup and recovery for OS X computers, backed by built-in replication. Acronis also offers several Acronis Cloud products, including Acronis Backup for Microsoft Office 365, Acronis Backup for Amazon EC2, and Acronis Storage for Google Drive.

How Dataguard MEA Providing Acronis Cloud Services

Acronis partners with all leading Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) in UAE. Dataguard is an UAE-based service provider that provides comprehensive data security solutions and managed services. Dataguard offers Managed Service, Data Storage, and Backup and Recovery services for Virtual Machines, Hyper-V, VMware, Exchange Server, SQL Server, Hyper-V, Microsoft, IIS, .NET Framework, and Windows Server. Our services enable the VDI administration and management through integrations with VMware vCenter, Microsoft Active Directory and Azure AD. It also enables the integration of Acronis Backup software with VDI providers and service providers, enabling them to create backup repositories in the cloud.

How it Works?

A data backup service which allows you to digitally transfer all your data to another remote place and secure it in case of any unforeseen incidents. Acronis Backup Distributor offers 99.99% performance guarantee on their service. Acronis Backup Distributor allows you to store data on the server of their customer for free. Acronis Backup Distributor is a global provider of Acronis solutions. Acronis is a master distributor of Acronis in GCC and MEA region. Acronis is accredited by AES-IGP as a fully-compliant certified partner. Acronis Enterprise customers get 10% off on Acronis Backup Distributor & Data Protection solution.

How Dataguard MEA is helping resellers as a Backup Provider

Dataguard MEA provides a comprehensive range of services, including a strong set of cloud backup solutions, all designed to meet the specific needs of the region’s local business and IT professionals. It is also unique in that it provides both a client backup product, and client retention services, including software download, tune-up and support, as well as a fully-managed appliance backup product. Currently, Dataguard MEA is focused on adding additional Acronis products to its portfolio, including Acronis ALL-in-1 Backup Appliance, Acronis Cloud Backup, and Acronis Backup Commercially, the Acronis Backup Orchestration Platform, and Acronis On-Premises Backup, the Acronis Backup Security Center, Acronis Asset Management, and Acronis Asset Protection.


Both Acronis Backup Distributor and Cloud Aggregator in UAE and Oman are well equipped to provide backup and data access, and Acronis Secure Migration Service to all their clients and customers in UAE and Oman.


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