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Enterprise Solutions

Bitdefender is a program that protects your computer MSPs can use GravityZone Email Security to secure their clients' emails from spam, phishing, and malware. as well as targeted and sophisticated attacks It guards against impersonation and fraud. utilizing a number of industry-leading security engines as well as behavioural tools to examine content of incoming and outgoing emails, URLs as well as attachments


Multiple signature and behavior-based antivirus engines offer protection from all forms of malware, including zero-day variants.

Time-of-click protection rewrites URLs in email messages and protects users at time-of-click with flexible policies, block and warn notification pages.

Option to enforce TLS encryption and restrict communication with other email servers that do not support the TLS protocol. • SecureMail provides a simple email encryption solution to protect sensitive data in transit • Sending limit monitoring automatically protects against attempts to send large volumes of outbound messages to help prevent domain & IP blacklisting. • Support for SPF, DKIM and DMARC to help protect against impersonation attacks. • Executive Tracking use details synced from Active Directory to automatically detect users’ real names within header and envelope address fields to protect against impersonation attacks and CEO fraud. • Nearby (cousin) Domains compares sender domain to legitimate domain names to identify nearby domains (that vary from the actual domain name by one or two characters). • File attachment blocking includes MIME checking of file attachments and the ability to detect password protected archives.

Deep message categorization enables flexible policies to detail how different types of messages are processed and tagged. • Policy engine: Over 20 conditional triggers to control email delivery and filter messages based on size, keywords, spam score, time, source, destination, attachment size, headers, AD attributes and more. • Signature management allows administrators to append the HTML and/or plain text disclaimers for all outbound email, including the ability to set disclaimers for different domains for brand, signature and disclaimer consistency.

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